GST Training Tax and Secretarial Fees - Income Tax Deduction

As companies are gearing up for the impending launch of the Goods and Services Tax in April this year, there will be inevitable additional training costs and secretarial and tax agent fees, to prepare for the implementation.

To ease the cost impact of these charges, kindly note the following Income Tax Rule 2014, for applicable deduction of the following :

1. Cost(s) relating to Training for Employees for the implementation of GST

> For Year of Assessment 2014 and Year of Assessment 2015

2. Expenses in relation to Secretarial Fee and Tax Filing Fee

> For Year of Assessment 2015 and Year of Assessment 2016

> Total amount of deduction allowed for Secretarial Fee shall not exceed RM5,000, for the year of assessment

> Total amount of deduction allowed for Tax Filing Fee shall not exceed RM10,000, for the year of assessment

Kindly refer to the attached circulars for details.